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Upcoming Chapter Events

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Chapter News

  • 2023 Beach Cleanup a Success!

    Congratulations to the 41 Gamma Phites who collected over 75 pounds and 2,100 pieces of trash on Saturday, June 3rd for the 2023 Adopt-a-Beach Cleanup!

    Way to go!

    @SigmaNursing @A4GL @RushUNursing @RushMedical #SDG6

  • Gamma Phi Member Presents at Virtual HF Symposium

    Hinch, B., Gupta, S., Margaritondo, J., Castro, F.,Suboc, T., Marinescu K., Egan, K., Lavani, P., Casey, P., Dutta, S., and Guerrier, C. (2020) Improving Heart Failure Patient Outcomes: Leveraging Technology to Steer Interdisciplinary Care. American Heart Association, Get with the Guidelines 360. Virtual HF Symposium. Sept. 2020

    Reducing 30-day readmissions of patients with heart failure (HF) diagnosis was a priority for a Midwest Academic Medical Center.  We conducted an in depth qualitative and quantitative analyses to improve our HF continuum of care. This provided a baseline for our HF interdisciplinary steering committee and identified opportunities for improvement. The HF Steering Committee had two sub- groups: Clinical Pathway which was provider led and Bundled Services which was an interdisciplinary group. Utilizing technology and best practice guidelines allowed us to develop effective care paths. Interdisciplinary collaboration is a key factor and building a program with all key stakeholders’ input is critical to success.

    Submitted by Barbara Hinch

  • Gamma Phi Member Presents at Sigma Research Congress

    The Women’s Lifestyle Physical Activity Program: Self-efficacy, Outcomes Expectations, Group Socal Support and Adherence to Physical Activity in African American Women

    Meghan Garland, Jo Ellen Wilbur, Lynn Braun, Shannon Halloway, Pamela Semanik, Louis Fogg

    Black American women have lower levels of leisure-time physical activity compared to White American women. Interventions to improve physical activity have mixed benefits for Black women, even when guided by theory. Understanding how theoretical constructs used in physical activity interventions relate to changing behavior may provide direction for more successful interventions.

    The study aimed to examine the relationships among social cognitive constructs (self-efficacy, social support from group behavioral meetings, outcome expectations/realizations, and change in physical activity from baseline to 48 weeks in 260 sedentary Black women participating in a lifestyle physical activity program.

    We chose to conduct the secondary data analysis of RCT’s longitudinal data using a correlational design. The RCT included a group behavioral meeting component plus one of three telephone intervention conditions (no calls, personal motivation calls, or automated motivational calls).

    Utilizing a hierarchical regression model predicting change in self-reported time spent in weekly moderate-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) at 48 weeks, psychological-outcome realizations at 24 weeks were significant positive predictors. In a hierarchical regression model for change in device-measured daily steps at 48 weeks, a self-efficacy change at 24 weeks was a significant positive predictor.

    This secondary analysis of a successful physical activity intervention suggested two areas of focus for future intervention design. Attention should be given to increasing self-efficacy to overcome physical activity barriers and achieving self-identified physical and psychological outcomes in PA programs.

    Virtual Experience:

    This was my 2nd virtual poster experience last year. It can feel intimidating talking to people you can’t see or only see as a thumbnail on the screen. But it’s just as fun interacting with people. I always kept in mind that people who came to my poster “space” did so with intention as opposed to just wandering around a ballroom. They were talking to me because they were interested in the work I was presenting. Of course, it would have been amazing to go to Abu Dhabi last summer. But the experience was rich even though I was in my home office. Sigma puts on a great conference. It was a so much fun to represent Rush at an international conference!

    Submitted by Meghan Garland

  • Award Applications are open

    Gamma Phi members are eligible to apply for the following awards; 









    The following is a student award:


    For more details, see the discussion post at left or click on the links. 

    Thanks to Awards Chair Karen Mayer for entering these applications in REDCap.

  • Global Health Committee Invites You to Act! Community Trash Pickup Challenge Updates!

    Read about the United Nations' Sustainable Development goals and how Sigma is involved. "Small steps add up to significant progress if many people are involved....", so we invite you to join our chapter's Global Health Committee in action.


    Hi all, 

    Just a reminder that as the weather warms up you are still invited to participate in Gamma Phi's Global Health Committee's Community Trash Pickup Challenge. 


    Want to help clean up your community in a COVID-safe way? Join our chapter's Trash Pickup Challenge. 

    Gamma Phi's Global Health Committee is encouraging the Rush community to participate in trash clean up in your community between February 1- April 22 (Earth Day)! This is a safe way to social distance and get outside!

    Log your activity as often as daily, with each form submitted entering you in a raffle for a monthly Sigma Theta Tau International mug.

    Enjoy time outside and beautify your community! (We recommend using a trash grabber for safety.)

     February Participation:

    7 entries 

    6 hours 15 minutes of trash clean up

    11 bags of trash removed from community 

    Raffle winner: Zoe Tan CONGRATS!\

    Amanda LaMonica-Weier at work!

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